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    Coral & Rose Gold Mermaid Swim Set – Torrid

    When I was ordering the Ursula suit & cover up from Torrid, I saw this GORGEOUS Coral & Rose Gold Mermaid Swim Set. But realistically I know I did not need another suit. I had zero plans to get it. Fast forward to this past weekend when I see it hanging in my local Torrid. I thought for sure it was online only and I wouldn’t be tempted. I was wrong but man, am I glad that I was. The moment I tried it on I was in love. Two piece suits fit me better as I can get the smaller size in the top I need and the large bottoms. For this…

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    Glam Ursula [Photo Shoot]

    A year ago today, I stepped foot into Rachel’s new studio for my first photo shoot. I had no idea what I was doing. Still, don’t actually, I have a very bad habit of bitch face. I have known Rachel since high school. She had done my promo shots for my gluten-free baking as well as family photos with my son. I knew Stacy at Viva La Diva Salon would be turning my hair into this stunning purple that was inspired by my Ursula tattoo. So we planned a Glam Ursula photo shoot. I had the perfect little black dress with the neckline to mimic Ursula’s curves. I had scored…

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    Ursula One Piece & Cover-Up – Torrid

    As if it wasn’t exciting enough that Hot Topic Plus has an Ursula suit this year, Torrid released not only an Ursula suit but a cover-up as well! Since I have very little self-control when it comes to Ursula items, I ordered both. It’s very cute and fits comfortably. I feel like I could swim in it without being annoyed or messing with it all the time. Of course, once again there’s too much room in the bust for me. The cut and quality of the suit are really nice. I feel it’s not as short in the torso as the Hot Topic one. I really wish this suit had been a…

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    Steel City Seraphs

    Growing up I didn’t give a second thought to Victoria’s Secret or their newest trend on sale. Being plus size and small titted, I knew I wasn’t their target market. I’ve never been one to feel that every single store should accommodate me. I do however feel if a store or brand is going to advertise that they carry plus size, it needs to a) be bigger than a 2x and b) in stores to be tried on not just online. (Old Navy Plus I’m looking at you)   Since November, Victoria’s Secret has been on my radar way more than I’d like it to be. I’ve had this vision…

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    Amazon Plus: Allegrace V Neck Cocktail Dress w/ Side Pleating

    I came across this dress when I was looking to order a different color of my favorite T-shirt from Allegrace. The Army Green of this dress caught my attention right away followed very quickly by the cut of the dress. I joked with a few friends that it might be the peary-est dress ever but that for $21 I was going to try it. It arrived very quickly thanks to Amazon Prime. As soon as I opened it I fell in love with the color but was incredibly worried that it was not going to fit. It looked smaller in the package and the bottom, while it stretches, did not…

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    Ursula One Piece – Hot Topic Plus

    I’ve stated many times that I wished I could sew cause I need an Ursula swimsuit. Then last week my girl Angie posted on Facebook the link to an Ursula suit by Hot Topic Plus. I think I instantly sent the link out to just about everyone saying “OMG OMG OMG OMG”.   I’ve never bought from Hot Topic Plus before so I was super leery about it fitting. According to their size chart, my hips are a size 5 but my top is a 1. (Hello Pear!) So I placed the order knowing that the top would probably be big on me and praying that the bottom at least…

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    The Size Experts – Tights Haul

    I've never been a fan of pantyhose or tights. Growing up I just remember being forced to wear them due to school dress code and the digging in + thigh rub would leave me in such pain. So when I first found out that the "cure" or management of Lymphedema was compression stockings, I wanted to cry. I was so afraid I was going to basically be sentenced to a life of constantly raw thighs. Luckily so far, my PT feels knee high compression stockings are the best course of action for my Lymphedema. However, the Lipedema makes finding regular pantyhose a nightmare... Well, the Lipedema + my short height…

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    As I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now, Victoria’s Secret isn’t fat friendly. I’m not sure why this is still shocking to some people. I have never once shopped in a VS as I knew from the start nothing would fit me. So I never really thought about them not using plus size models before. I mean why would they model something they don’t sell? I think what shocks people is that we are almost done with 2018 and a higher up in a major brand would go on the record discriminating against plus size and transgender models. Not so much what he said but more the…

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    The Size Experts – Panty Haul

    I received some plus size panties and tights from The Big Bloomers Company, which is part of The Size Experts family in the UK. They are a small company with one of the nicest group of people for a staff I've ever encountered. Their website is really easy to use or they do phone orders if you'd rather talk to someone. The Size Experts specializes in plus and super plus size underwear and tights. In this post, I will be reviewing 3 different pairs of panties.