Amazon Plus: Allegrace V Neck Cocktail Dress w/ Side Pleating

I came across this dress when I was looking to order a different color of my favorite T-shirt from Allegrace. The Army Green of this dress caught my attention right away followed very quickly by the cut of the dress.

I joked with a few friends that it might be the peary-est dress ever but that for $21 I was going to try it. It arrived very quickly thanks to Amazon Prime. As soon as I opened it I fell in love with the color but was incredibly worried that it was not going to fit. It looked smaller in the package and the bottom, while it stretches, did not feel like it would stretch enough. To my surprise it did. My next worry was that it would roll up the thighs within a few steps. It does not budge.

I really like the pleating details even if they repeatedly fool me into thinking there are pockets. The arms feel great, not too tight and don’t ride up my bigger lipedema upper arms. I’m wearing a 3x mostly due to the 4x being sold out in the green but also partly due to the fact that the t-shirt I love is a 3x.

The V neck is on both the front and back of the dress. (Which was hard to figure out as there was no inner tag or label) It is really comfortable the little bit I wore it. I didn’t feel like I was going to flash anyone or that I’d have to worry about tugging at it as I walked. It also allows the shoulder tattoos to peak out which I like as I tend to forget I have them.

I’m on the fence about it. I love the color, love the details and it feels comfortable. I’m just not sure if the color and size are right… Is the shade of green too “pear”? Do I need to go up a size? Thoughts? I’m thinking of grabbing a black 4x to get a feel for it.


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