• Wonder Wednesday: Why did it take so long for a diagnosis?

    *** Possible trigger warning: fat shaming, Dr's not believing patient*** This weeks Wonder Wednesday question is: Why did it take so long for a diagnosis? You seemed to suffer for so long... I wish I had a better answer other than doctors just don’t know about it. But sadly, at least in my case, that seems to be the reason why I didn't get a diagnosis till I was in my late 20’s. Actually the more I think about it it's that not enough people, in general, know about it.

  • Lymph Care Tools

    've been asked a lot lately what are some of the tools I use to manage my Lipolymphedema. So I thought I'd share how I keep my lymph care tools right next to my bed for easy access. I know I need to use them daily but I also know me, if its a struggle I won't stick with it.

  • Traveling Pear – Flying

    I’ve now flown to California (and back) 3 times since May 2018. I have flown both Spirit and Southwest. My first trip I flew Spirit both ways and the other 2 trips I have flown Spirit one of the ways. I paid extra for the bigger front seats. I knew these Lipedema hips were not going to fit into a regular seat.

  • #selfawaresunday – Lipedema Hips

    I have a little confession (as it is #selfawaresunday) I use to HAAAAAATE the drastic difference between my waist and my hips. It made my life hell for so long.

  • Dear Instagram “Doctors”

    While I know you think your comments telling me to lose weight is helping me, it’s not. I’m 37 years old so to assume that I’ve gotten this far in life as a fat chick and the thought of losing weight never accured to me is the dumbest thing ever.  I am well aware that if I lost weight, I would ultimately feel better. And yes, SOME of my Lymphatic issues would ease up. But by no means would it magically fix my life. Diet and exercise will not reduce my Lipedema (aka damaged fat cells). You might be reading this going “bitch how do you know if you don’t try?” I know because I’ve been on diet after diet since I was probably 10. My dad made me go on every diet he ever did. I’ve done shakes. I’ve done pills. I’ve done fasting. I’ve done low carbs. I’ve…