PGP is showing 4 plus size bathing suit looks in a college photo

TORRID Swim 2023

I tried on a few of the swimsuits in Torrid’s 2023 collection so you can see them on a pear shaped body.

First up is the Slim Fix Wireless Lattice Front One Piece in Muted Rainbow

No idea how this is considered muted rainbow as it is the brightest neon. I haven’t worn/tried on a one piece suit in years. I’m just too extremely pear for them to fit might right. I need a 4 bottom and a 2 top. I have a 3 on in the one piece… I do not have enough boobage for a 3 top.

Second suit is the muted rainbow in the 2 piece style since I did like the colors.

The All Over Smooth Bottoms don’t have the ruching like the one piece suit does and I wish it did. I have a 4 in the bottoms. They hit mid way on my waist in the front but lower in the back. I found myself tugging at the back the brief amount of time I had them on in the store. The Wireless V Flounce Bikini Top was just ok but it didn’t *POP* to me like the lattice top of the one piece.

For a 3rd look, I decided to try the muted rainbow bottoms with in the Pink Glo Wireless Triangle Bikini Top. I like the solid color and the cut of the top much better with the bottoms. Both tops were a 2.

The fourth and final look is what Im referring to as the pineapple princess. It’s the Wireless V Flounce Bikini top and High Rise Ruched Swim Bottoms in Graphic Pineapple. The shade of yellow is much brighter in person which I personally love. Im all about color. The ruching of the bottoms makes me think of the vintage bathing suits which is another thing I love. The print of the Graphic Pineapple looks great in the wireless v flounce top where as I didn’t dig the mute rainbow stripes in it for my body. Maybe if I had a bigger chest that had the strips lay smoother I would have liked it for me better.

I hope this helps you to see how the items look on a real plus body. Comment below if you get any of them or tag me on social @Palegingerpear in your post with them.


  • Karen

    Thank you so much!! This is so much more helpful than the plus size models on websites; they may be plus size, but they’re usually in proportion. You’re so close to me in terms of “extreme pear” that I feel like I have an idea of how these *really* might look in real life. Thank you!

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