Surgery #3 Story & 6 Month Update

The anterior thighs was my 3rd and so far worst in terms of recovery. Even though I classify it as the worst so far (and yes that includes the wound vac tummy tuck recovery), I would 100% do it over again.

Pre Op Selfie, Last pre op thigh pic and Surgery selfie with Dr. Jaime

This surgery was my first big debulking. My thighs were emptied. The surgery was great just like the others and I woke up in less pain than before. The part that made recovery rough was when I decided to be a good patient and drink the protein drinks Dr. Jaime likes patients to drink. I figured since it was going to be the biggest surgery yet I’d up my protein, not realizing they had dairy. Four days of stomach issues, the constant need to pee and my period had me up/down on sore thighs. Drained, sick and emotional can make for a rocky recovery. By day 5 I was feeling more normal post op… just swollen and tender if I hadn’t moved in awhile. My knees no longer touched but the top of my thighs felt heavy and rock hard like two cement blocks. I’d forget they felt that way till I’d stand up. It was the strangest feeling.

Pinkness in my left thigh at the ER

I felt fine till October 18th. I woke up with my left thigh tight and bright pink. I went to my local ER to have it looked at. The ER doctor called out to Dr. Jaime super early on a Sunday morning and he was so sweet to talk to them and go over what we done and what to look for as a precaution. An ultrasound was done to make sure there was no pockets of fluids or signs of clots. Everything was clear and I was given a prescription for antibiotics just to be safe. That issue cleared up pretty quickly over the next few days except for one spot of swelling by my knee that would linger till my 4th surgery.

About 3.5 months post op the swelling dropped drastically in my thighs, the pain was gone in my knees, and it no longer hurt when the cats stepped on me. While my thighs were now feeling better it created another problem… they were no longer there to hold up my lower stomach. With my stomaching hanging differently the pain in my lower back got worse and after long walks I found myself supporting my stomach as if I was pregnant again. Little things like standing in the check out line at a store was torture.

Now that its been 6 months since my thigh surgery the pocket of swelling is completely gone (thanks in part to the 4th surgery). Pain and tenderness is no longer and issue and the ease at which I move, specially upstairs, is so much better. Also the skin has been retracting great and the Muppets look untouched… just empty behind some of them.

6 Months Post Op Thighs

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