• Wonder Wednesday: What was a seroma like?

    This weeks Wonder Wednesday question is: What was a seroma like?  ***Graphic medical photos below*** As many of you know by now, I had a tummy tuck for lipedema removal on February 11th, 2021. Dr. Jaime Schwartz removed 3.5 feet of skin that weighed 20lbs. He also did manual extraction of the larger nodules and some liposuction as well. My stomach was almost all nodules and the removal of it was life changing. My back instantly felt better. About a week post op, I noticed when I leaned forward to pull my compression back up I was dripping from a non drain spot. I reached out right away to let the surgery tech know. I was advised to keep on eye on it but that it seemed like a seroma. A seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up under the surface of your skin. Seromas may develop after…

  • Surgery #3 Story & 6 Month Update

    The anterior thighs was my 3rd and so far worst in terms of recovery. Even though I classify it as the worst so far (and yes that includes the wound vac tummy tuck recovery), I would 100% do it over again. This surgery was my first big debulking. My thighs were emptied. The surgery was great just like the others and I woke up in less pain than before. The part that made recovery rough was when I decided to be a good patient and drink the protein drinks Dr. Jaime likes patients to drink. I figured since it was going to be the biggest surgery yet I’d up my protein, not realizing they had dairy. Four days of stomach issues, the constant need to pee and my period had me up/down on sore thighs. Drained, sick and emotional can make for a rocky recovery. By day 5 I was feeling…

  • Wonder Wednesday: Why did it take so long for a diagnosis?

    *** Possible trigger warning: fat shaming, Dr's not believing patient*** This weeks Wonder Wednesday question is: Why did it take so long for a diagnosis? You seemed to suffer for so long... I wish I had a better answer other than doctors just don’t know about it. But sadly, at least in my case, that seems to be the reason why I didn't get a diagnosis till I was in my late 20’s. Actually the more I think about it it's that not enough people, in general, know about it.

  • Understanding Class II Compression

    Have questions about compression for #lipedema? @lipoelastic asked some questions to help share my experience with #compression to help out anyone overwhelmed. The article and video can be viewed here.

  • The Rodeo from Pandere Shoes Review

    Pandere Shoes was created by a #lymphedemawarrior who knows first hand the struggles of finding shoes that fit and have support. I've been following the Pandere IG almost from the moment I started my own IG. I think they are doing great things and I was very excited to try a pair of their shoes. 

  • Lymph Care Tools

    've been asked a lot lately what are some of the tools I use to manage my Lipolymphedema. So I thought I'd share how I keep my lymph care tools right next to my bed for easy access. I know I need to use them daily but I also know me, if its a struggle I won't stick with it.

  • Surgery Story & How I Am 2 Months Post Op

    On February 11th, 2020, My life got a restart... a restart that for the longest time was just a wish. On the 2nd "Pale Ginger Pear" day, I started my Lipedema Reduction Surgery Journey with Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Total Lipedema Care.

  • Traveling Pear – Flying

    I’ve now flown to California (and back) 3 times since May 2018. I have flown both Spirit and Southwest. My first trip I flew Spirit both ways and the other 2 trips I have flown Spirit one of the ways. I paid extra for the bigger front seats. I knew these Lipedema hips were not going to fit into a regular seat.

  • #selfawaresunday – Lipedema Hips

    I have a little confession (as it is #selfawaresunday) I use to HAAAAAATE the drastic difference between my waist and my hips. It made my life hell for so long.