• Miss Piggy & Kermie

    Since I was about 4, my grandma would lovingly tease that I had the sass and style sense of Miss Piggy. While I'm not as self-absorbed as Piggy can be, I love hard when I love and I have a sass about me.

  • Statler and Waldorf

    I have loved the Muppets since I was 2 years old. Muppet Babies was one of my favorite shows as a child. So much so that at the age of two, I named a kitten Muppet. When Tyree and I started talking about what my next tattoo project would be (while finishing up the Disney Villains sleeve), I said the only thing I ever really liked enough to tattoo on me would be the Muppets. Once I decided to add a Muppets thigh piece to my tattoos, I knew I had to start with Statler and Waldorf. Their back and forth sarcastic banter is something I look for in all relationships. (I realize that is probably not healthy.. oh well.)