Glam Ursula [Photo Shoot]

A year ago today, I stepped foot into Rachel’s new studio for my first photo shoot. I had no idea what I was doing. Still, don’t actually, I have a very bad habit of bitch face. I have known Rachel since high school. She had done my promo shots for my gluten-free baking as well as family photos with my son. I knew Stacy at Viva La Diva Salon would be turning my hair into this stunning purple that was inspired by my Ursula tattoo. So we planned a Glam Ursula photo shoot.

I had the perfect little black dress with the neckline to mimic Ursula’s curves. I had scored the dress for $3 at Lane Bryant! It had these little gold polka dots on it that caught the light. I chose to accessory w/ some gold jewelry and a Kata Banko Couture mermaid crown. A few shots I wore my Lane Bryant black #fatkini.

This shoot was a huge step for me. Last year I barely wore dresses or showed my legs. My compression stockings at the time were beyond shot so I didn’t like to show them. My legs themselves look like they are so swollen they could break open. As much as I was embarrassed by them I also know that I had to show them for how they were. That I wasn’t the only one suffering through the day to day with Lymphedema or Lipedema. I had to show the Lipedema saddlebags… Show how the special fat that is Lipedema collects in weird patterns.

So much has unfolded in my life thanks to this photo shoot. And for the first time, I’m sharing all the photos from it. Please check out the gallery below.

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Crowns: @KataBankoCouture
Paleginger's Hair: Stacy @VivaLaDiva


  • Susan Barton

    The real beauty of YOU comes from the inside more than the outside I think. Kids are so cruel and I bet you had (and maybe still do) your fairs share of ppl being bitchy/ judgy/ cruel. But you don’t seem to harbor any “serious” resentment. That is great!

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