PGP’s Fave LA Spots & Services

Now that you have an idea on what to pack, let’s talk about places and services in LA that make my time out there easier. 

  • Residence Inn 1177 S. Beverly Dr – This is where I have stated most of my surgeries. It’s pretty close to TLC, grocery stories, CVS and restaurants. 
  • Uber/Lyft – I switch between the two to see which at that time has the better pricing. It really does vary per trip. On average a trip from Residence Inn to TLC has been about $8 before tip. I have only rented a car for my first surgery. All the rest I’ve just used a car service. 
  • Pavilions Grocery – This has been the grocery store that I stock up on the day I arrive. 
  • CVS – Nice to have close by for last minute supplies that might be needed.  
  • 24 Hour Amazon LockersThis one is close to TLC. This one is by Residence Inn.
  • Hyperbaric Treatment Hyperbaric King was the location that I post op tummy tuck. At the time it was $200 a session. From time to time there are package deals on groupon for multiple sessions. SoCal Hyperbaric has some package deals for multi sessions. Beverly Hills Hyperbaric Center mentions discount packages available but does not list the pricing for them on their site. 
  • Blow dry places –  Having my hair washed by someone else and styled makes me feel human. It’s a great way to feel less gross post-op miserable before showers are allowed. I love to schedule a wash and blow out between days 3-5 depending on how I feel. I have used Drybar on West 3rd a few times but have found that post covid it has been harder to get an appointment scheduled when I wanted. The last few times I’ve used MyblowLA and loved it. Both locations were very understanding of me being post op, having drains and needing to sit certain ways. They were very accommodating. 
  • Swimply – Think Airbnb but for pools. If you have a day or two in LA before surgery this is a great way to get some water compression on and help reduce inflammation from travel. 
  • Food – Grubhub, Doordash and Ubereats are all incredibly helpful while in LA. Lucifers Pizza has some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever tried. FreshBrothers has some Gluten free, Vegan and Keto options. Their gluten free chicken bites with homemade ranch is amazing. Mel’s Drive In- West Hollywood is my favorite place to grab classic diner food while visiting with LA friends post op. Their cushy booths are easy to get in/out of and soft on the back of the legs. 

LA has so many great things to see and do for a nice active recovery. There are the classics like the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive or Sunset Boulevard. This article has been my go-to to remember places I want to visit while out for surgery.  A surprise gem was the Funko Pop Museum that I visited last surgery and will definitely go back. It is free to get in, filled with adorable Pops, has fun photo ops and you can even make a custom Pop. 

Don’t let being post op stop you from seeing LA. If you feel up to it having an active recovery is great.

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