Lymph Care Tools

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I’ve been asked a lot lately what are some of the tools I use to manage my Lipolymphedema. So I thought I’d share how I keep my lymph care tools right next to my bed for easy access. I know I need to use them daily but I also know me, if its a struggle I won’t stick with it.

Lympha Press Optimal

Zeny Vibration Plate

In the Lymph care basket I keep the following:

A. Circaid Juxfit Inelastic Wraps

B. Gray Foam

C. Jobst Relax

D. Medi Custom Measured Median 550 in Sand & Aqua

E. Dry Brush

F. Leggings to wear while using my Lympha Press Optimal

G. Hand Held Massager

H. Lotion

Not pictured: Jobst “It Stays” roll-on adhesive to help keep stockings up.


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  • Victoria Eaton OTD, OTR/L, CLT

    I’m a lymphedema therapist and just found your article in Inked Magazine, which led me to Google your website. Thank you for this page!! I have clients who would greatly benefit from learning about your shared journey, that they’re not alone. It’s hard to find client-centered resources that focus on one’s experience, and especially so candidly. Thank you for being a Warrior and for putting your journey and experience out there. I love this work!

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