Ehlers-Danlos & Teeth

My teeth have always been a touchy subject for me. I’ve had issues with them since I was little. When I was little they had to pull 6 baby teeth at once cause while they were loose the crowding in my mouth wouldn’t let them fall out. 

Middle school started my journey of expanders for years to enlarge my mouth for my adult teeth to have room. It was a running joke in my family whenever the dentist or orthodontist talked about how I had a small mouth that they were wrong cause I was the “big mouth” in the family.  I had teeth overlapping and gums that would bleed easily specially if I was stressed out. Dentist and Doctors commented “how that was odd and probably not right” but I was never given a solution nor was it looked into. 

Once there was enough room, braces started to get them in proper placement. I remember the orthodontist talking about how my teeth just seemed loose and he wasn’t sure they would stay. He also gave me extra wax to cover the braces as they tore my mouth up more than he was use to seeing. 

I had braces for about 4 years. When he was removing them it was pointed out that my teeth didnt like the glue that held the braces on and that it seemed like my enamel was showing wear beyond the age of my teeth. He looked at my mom and was like “I havent really seen this before” and that was it. My whole medical history can be summed up by “You have a problem, we dont know why. K’ bye”

Every dentist would comment that my enamel seemed worse than it should be for my age but otherwise I had no cavities and my teeth seemed good. So I was told to just get toothpaste for enamel health and sent on my way. There was no addressing the gum issues or why the enamel seemed really bad already.

Over the years I got away from wearing my retainers nightly like I should have so my teeth slowly shifted a little. And years of being sick with Celiac disease added to more break down of the enamel. Do I wish my teeth were straighter? Yes Do I wish they were whiter? Yes But since it was more cosmetic issues it had to be put on the back burner to addressing my Lipedema.  

I am painfully aware of how my teeth look (just like I’m aware of my size). This is something that doesn’t need to be pointed out. I’ve put in the work for years on them. I’m aware the work and money its going to take to fix them again. If someone can’t fix the problem quickly or you aren’t going to cover the cost, maybe not point it out to them.

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