Ursula One Piece – Hot Topic Plus

I’ve stated many times that I wished I could sew cause I need an Ursula swimsuit. Then last week my girl Angie posted on Facebook the link to an Ursula suit by Hot Topic Plus. I think I instantly sent the link out to just about everyone saying “OMG OMG OMG OMG”.


I’ve never bought from Hot Topic Plus before so I was super leery about it fitting. According to their size chart, my hips are a size 5 but my top is a 1. (Hello Pear!) So I placed the order knowing that the top would probably be big on me and praying that the bottom at least fit.

HT Model: size 1.           I’m a size 5.

I was really excited to come home and find the package on my porch. I was relieved when I opened it and saw that it actually seemed plus sized. The purple/black shimmer is GORGEOUS and very villainy. I love it.

Size 1 fit vs size 5

It was really easy to get on. It has a good stretch to it but not too stretchy that it feels like it would lose shape over time. It fits my hips really well. And of course, as I expected, the top is ridiculously loose on me.  I love the rest of it enough that I’m 99% sure I’ll invest in getting it tailored.

Thanks, Elaina for the fun censorship

To know more of what I think of this suit, check out the mini review video below.

[YouTube_WD id=9 item=5]

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