Steel City Seraphs

Growing up I didn’t give a second thought to Victoria’s Secret or their newest trend on sale. Being plus size and small titted, I knew I wasn’t their target market. I’ve never been one to feel that every single store should accommodate me. I do however feel if a store or brand is going to advertise that they carry plus size, it needs to a) be bigger than a 2x and b) in stores to be tried on not just online. (Old Navy Plus I’m looking at you)


Since November, Victoria’s Secret has been on my radar way more than I’d like it to be. I’ve had this vision of a flock of badass, dark and gritty angels of varying shapes, sizes, and skin tones in my head. Thicker babes in black lingerie with black wings and stunning gold accents. I reached out to some of my friends and Steel City Seraphs came to life!


My photographer and fellow Seraphs are some of the best babes I know. They not only gave up their time to on a Saturday morning to help my vision come to life, but they did so in freezing temps! Da’Burgh can be brutal on a February morning. We started out at Grandview Overlook to get the shots with the Steel City in the background before heading downtown to the Andy Warhol bridge. We made quick pit stop into the Warhol Museum. While there we received a few looks but I feel Andy would have been a fan of this concept.

As I was impatiently waiting to see the vision that had been in my head in the screen, Victoria’s Secret was back in the news. This time to announce that they would be closing 53 stores this coming year. They reported a decline in both performance and views to their runway show. The media was quick to throw back the comment regarding fat & trans models back at Victoria’s Secret. My favorite being this tweet:

I’m hoping that these Steel City Seraphs photos show that women no matter their shape or size can be stunning in lingerie and deserve to have those options available to us. We too deserve to be catered to and have options in lingerie. I hope that companies like Victoria’s Sectet realize this– sooner than later!

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Seraphs:@Allthings_ari | @ellavossxo | @theheftyhideaway

Crowns & Acessories: @KataBankoCouture
Paleginger's Hair: Stacy @VivaLaDiva


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