Coral & Rose Gold Mermaid Swim Set – Torrid

When I was ordering the Ursula suit & cover up from Torrid, I saw this GORGEOUS Coral & Rose Gold Mermaid Swim Set. But realistically I know I did not need another suit. I had zero plans to get it. Fast forward to this past weekend when I see it hanging in my local Torrid. I thought for sure it was online only and I wouldn’t be tempted. I was wrong but man, am I glad that I was. The moment I tried it on I was in love.

The top is a size 2 for both the model & myself

Two piece suits fit me better as I can get the smaller size in the top I need and the large bottoms. For this suit, my top is a size two. I had tried on a 3 at first but before I could even say anything one of my favorite Torrid ladies said: “hold on, you should try a 2.” The two fits in the cups so much better than the 3 did, however, it doesn’t want to lay down as flat or fat on my stomach as it does in the model’s photo. It doesn’t bother me how it lays. The top is available in “regular” or “fuller” cup sizes. The regular size comes with removable padding, which OMG I love. The pad fills the bottom half of the cups where my “girls” tend to disappear down into a normal swimsuit.

The bottoms are a size 4 on both the model & myself. The model is 5’8. I am 5’2.

The bottoms are high waisted and actually feel like they will stay up above my waist. I sat down for a phone call as I was taking photos for this review and they didn’t instantly roll down. I can’t wait to see how they do while actually swimming.

The colors of this suit are just stunning. The coral is such a great color and the gold glossy scale detail just makes me feel all girly. For a second I understood why some women would get all done up with makeup and jewelry for a swimsuit. It makes me want to look put together for all the selfies and photos while I’m wearing it.

I’m ready for the pool and photos in the giant clam shell float!

Two piece swim set available here

One piece swim suit available here

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