The Rodeo from Pandere Shoes Review

Disclosure: I was gifted the pair of shoes I discuss in this review with the understanding that I would share my true and honest thoughts.

Pandere Shoes was created by a #lymphedemawarrior who knows first hand the struggles of finding shoes that fit and have support. I’ve been following the Pandere IG almost from the moment I started my own IG. I think they are doing great things and I was very excited to try a pair of their shoes.

I’ve had my pair of the Rodeo style shoes for several months now. I received them right before my first surgery. I wanted to use them for day to day life for a while before I gave my opinion because we all know that a shoe can start out amazing but a month in its now unbearable.

When I first tried on the Rodeo shoe, I had really bad ankle cuffing due to Lipolymphedema. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did they fit but they were comfortable! It had been so long since I had a shoe with a supportive sole and a bit of a lift to them. I was able to wear them with a business casual look to work.

They became my go-to travel shoe for the ease of slipping them on/off at airports and the adjustability as flying causes swelling. They are easy enough to get on that I was able to put them on by myself post-op from saddlebags/hips/top of thighs surgery.

One of the features I like is the ease of the bungees/ toggle system instead of traditional laces and that there is a bungee on the back of the shoe to tighten at the heel. I also really enjoy the light compression at the ankle as I know a lot of us have that little spot that swells up.

While the price point of $139 us dollars can make them a luxury item for some, I do feel its an investment towards health. Us, Lippy Ladies, and Lymphedema Warriors need to remember that if we don’t take care of our feet we will become immobile even quicker. I know they have helped me be able to walk long distances and stand more. I am excited to see that they have added a sandal to their line of shoes. I might have to take advantage of the summer sale they are currently having.

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