As I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now, Victoria’s Secret isn’t fat friendly. I’m not sure why this is still shocking to some people. I have never once shopped in a VS as I knew from the start nothing would fit me. So I never really thought about them not using plus size models before. I mean why would they model something they don’t sell?

I think what shocks people is that we are almost done with 2018 and a higher up in a major brand would go on the record discriminating against plus size and transgender models. Not so much what he said but more the fact that he had the balls to say it.

Ed Razek said that trans and plus-size women do not exemplify the “fantasy” that Victoria’s Secret is trying to sell.

Well guess what Ed.. we don’t need to be your “fantasy”. We are #realwomen, day to day women that most people will actually interact with. Where as your Vicky’s Angels barely exist outside of the runway.

I love that the hashtag #makemyownwings was started. We need embrace the curves we have no matter how big or small or uneven they may be and fluent them. Cause guess what?! We might but be Mr. Razek’s fantasy but he’s just one teeny man. I guarantee you us plus size (and transgender) bodies are someone’s fantasy.

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