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    PGP is One!

    A year ago today, I made my first post on Instagram as Palegingerpear. Crazy how fast a year has gone by. What a year it has been. This little IG that was born out of a joke has turned into more than I could ever have imagined. I started PGP with the mindset of #ootd post as I had been told that I dress well for my shape. The hate comments that started rolling in had me defending myself by explaining Lymphedema and Lipedema. Through that, I realized I needed to stop hiding that part of me and be open about it. Stop trying to hide the compression stockings from…

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    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the big fat friend. The one that sat on the “boyfriend” bench at the stores in the mall during high school while my friends tried on outfit after outfit from any store they stepped foot in. The one that no matter why she went to the doctor’s, it turned into a lecture on how she needed to lose weight. I felt everyone was so focused on my weight but I rarely even thought about it. To me, there was no point in thinking about it due to the fact that nothing I did changed my lower half. When I was in high…

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    The Size Experts – Tights Haul

    I've never been a fan of pantyhose or tights. Growing up I just remember being forced to wear them due to school dress code and the digging in + thigh rub would leave me in such pain. So when I first found out that the "cure" or management of Lymphedema was compression stockings, I wanted to cry. I was so afraid I was going to basically be sentenced to a life of constantly raw thighs. Luckily so far, my PT feels knee high compression stockings are the best course of action for my Lymphedema. However, the Lipedema makes finding regular pantyhose a nightmare... Well, the Lipedema + my short height…

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    As I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now, Victoria’s Secret isn’t fat friendly. I’m not sure why this is still shocking to some people. I have never once shopped in a VS as I knew from the start nothing would fit me. So I never really thought about them not using plus size models before. I mean why would they model something they don’t sell? I think what shocks people is that we are almost done with 2018 and a higher up in a major brand would go on the record discriminating against plus size and transgender models. Not so much what he said but more the…

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    Statler and Waldorf

    I have loved the Muppets since I was 2 years old. Muppet Babies was one of my favorite shows as a child. So much so that at the age of two, I named a kitten Muppet. When Tyree and I started talking about what my next tattoo project would be (while finishing up the Disney Villains sleeve), I said the only thing I ever really liked enough to tattoo on me would be the Muppets. Once I decided to add a Muppets thigh piece to my tattoos, I knew I had to start with Statler and Waldorf. Their back and forth sarcastic banter is something I look for in all…

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    The Size Experts – Panty Haul

    I received some plus size panties and tights from The Big Bloomers Company, which is part of The Size Experts family in the UK. They are a small company with one of the nicest group of people for a staff I've ever encountered. Their website is really easy to use or they do phone orders if you'd rather talk to someone. The Size Experts specializes in plus and super plus size underwear and tights. In this post, I will be reviewing 3 different pairs of panties.